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Faros @ 1000 km cycling event generating funds for cancer research

During the prolonged weekend of 18-21 May, Faros participated in the 1000 km cycling event generating funds for cancer research. All of our riders completed their 125 km contribution and arrived safely. Brilliant organization. Brilliant atmosphere. Special thanks to Herman and his family who embraced our Faros riders in the broader Toetiewoetie-team. Toetiewoetie is the nick name of Anke Antonissen who started the team more than 10 years ago and whose initiative we are proud to continue in her remembrance. We will be back next year with more Faros riders!

Faros @ 1000 km cycling event generating funds for cancer research
Faros improvises Recently, the Faros team attended a very original training: improvisation!

During a workshop by Lieselotte from Studio Gaga, we did several exercises that pulled us completely out of our comfort zone and taught us to react from impulse. After all, we believe that in the legal profession, you make a difference by approaching matters out of the box. Other than that, having fun in team is always pleasant!

Want to know more about Studio Gaga's improv workshops? Take a look at the website: https://www.studio-gaga.be/.

Faros improvises
The ‘Faros CEO room’

Quite central in our office we have a CEO room. Not what you think. CEO stands for Children Entertainment Office. We welcome our young visitors and, if they have to wait a bit for an e-mail to be finished or a video call to be completed, there is plenty of fun stuff to do. Not surprising. The kids of our Faros team members are simply part of the Faros family.

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Poetry Day @ Faros

On 26/01, it was Poetry Day. As a part of this, all of our employees wrote a poem about Faros which they then presented to each other during the team lunch. After that, everyone voted for his/her favourite one. The poem on the right eventually emerged as the winner. There is clearly a lot of creative talent at Faros!

Wink - FAROS Law Firm
At Faros we like to celebrate our 'firsts'

One of the advantages of being a young law firm is that we are able to celebrate a lot of 'firsts'. Recently, we exchanged our first Christmas gifts during an office lunch and we had our first Christmas dinner. We are also very proud to have celebrated for the first time that one of our colleagues was admitted to the Brussels bar. To celebrate and to honor this formal event in her career, Sofie received a “toga”. A tradition has been set…

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A Faros Christmas tree on your desk

Faros wishes you happy holidays with… a desk-size Christmas tree! No classic Christmas card for us, but instead a small Christmas tree made of the iconic Faros 'A's'. However, you still have to assemble the tree yourself. Any difficulties? Check out how to do it right. Happy Holidays!

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Sustainability in every sense of the word…

No blablabla about sustainability at Faros, but action. We have banned plastic bottles from our fridges and are now presenting the one and only Faros bag which is made of plastic bottles. It is superstrong and can hold easily two and possibly even three large size folders. On top of that, it even looks nice. Not sure? Check out yourself.

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If you are not a robot …

One of our friends at a client made an astonishing discovery. If you start playing with our logo, you end up with a… robot. No kidding. Check it out for yourself on the right. This message stands therefore as a general warning: we are not robots at Faros! If you do not believe us (which is not excluded after this frightening discovery), come over and have a cup of coffee with us and pinch (softly) the cheek of one of our team members.

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Honoring a Belgian tradition...

At the 2022 Gondola Negotiation Summit the organisers were so kind to celebrate the start of Faros. Quite something in a Kinepolis movie theatre filled with business people. We reciprocated in a traditional Belgian way. Faros offered sugar beans which are a typical gift upon the birth of a new child. Talking about a sweet start…

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Almost good to go...

Talking about a transformation! The Faros team selected office space that required quite some work and took that as an excellent opportunity to inject the Faros look and feel. Our landlord Glocal (thanks to Hans and Robert) was of enormous help. And then our team (extended with numerous family members) got going. Interested in a sneak preview of the makeover of our new work space? More footage will follow...

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Sorry Telecom Operator… we will do it ourselves

When we heard the waiting music proposed by our Telcom Operator, we collectively shook our head. No, not the way to go. We started looking for home grown talent and bumped almost immediately into Wolvesman (the alias of Mario Francken). Wolvesman writes instrumental theme music and soundtracks, mostly on guitar. By keeping the music to the essence Wolvesman tries to touch different basic emotions.

No need to call us hoping that we do not pick up the phone. Want to know more about this wonderful musician? Stream the music of Wolvesman here. Because … details matter and every note counts!

Hear our waiting music (10591KB)
The Faros ‘bic’ is the iconic “Bic”

Law firms can spend hours on the selection of the pens on which to place their logo. Not so at Faros. Thanks to PascoGifts we immediately agreed on the one and only iconic Bic. Details matter so we went straight for the “real thing”.

Also a fan of our 'Bic'? Send a fun quote about our team via this link and we will get some to you.

Wink - FAROS Law Firm