Faros speaks at conference of Belgian-German Lawyers’ Association


Tilman Kuhn (White & Case) and Frank Wijckmans (Faros) presented the new block exemption regulation on vertical agreements (Regulation 2022/720) at a conference organized by the Belgian-German Lawyers’ Association in Düsseldorf.

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Faros at ‘Competition Law in the Aviation Sector’


Frank Wijckmans chaired a panel session devoted to online ticket distribution at Informa’s Conference held in Brussels on “Competition Law in the Aviation Sector”.

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Faros at Kilpailuoikeus 2022


‘Kilpailuoikeus 2022’ brings together the competition law community in Finland. Faros partner Frank Wijckmans was invited to provide a solid 1 ½ hour update on the new European regime on vertical agreements.

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What a joy to go into the depth of the new European regime on vertical agreements…


Even more so when this can be done in a cozy round table setting with participants from various businesses and different member states (spread out from Sweden to Bulgaria).

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Frank Wijckmans guest speaker at OECD training


Frank Wijckmans was invited to speak in Budapest at an OECD-organised training, for the Hungarian Competition Authority.

He was the only private practitioner in a room filled with competition law enforcers.

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Anouk Focquet, Sofie Deprez and Julie Mannekens publish a monograph on data protection


Anouk Focquet, Sofie Deprez and Julie Mannekens of our data protection team have released today their practice-driven monograph (300 p.) on data protection in Belgium. The book (in Dutch) guides the reader through the data protection landscape and aims to make this field of the law as accessible as possible.

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Competition law meets the new Civil Code


On 23 September Frank Wijckmans participated in a panel discussion at an all-day academic event organised by the University of Leuven (KUL) dedicated to the new Civil Code (the law of contractual obligations). His main role was to inject a practitioner's and competition law perspective.

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Update: Faros guest speaker at 2022 Gondola Negotiation Summit


Faros lawyers Frank Wijckmans, Karolien Francken and Emmelie Wijckmans were absolutely honoured to be invited by retail top magazine Gondola as guest speakers on its annual top event. The event was attended by more than 100 leading players active on Belgium’s distribution scene. Our Faros lawyers emphasized the unique importance of 2022 when it comes to the legal principles applicable to the distribution world. They offered a speed date with the new rules both under European and Belgian law.

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Faros team meets with top management of high-tech spin-off companies


Faros gladly accepted the very kind invitation of the Robotics Department of the University of Brussels and spin-off company Axiles Bionics to take a closer look at their operations. This visit is consistent with Faros’ strong belief that its team does not only need to advise companies, but also to listen to business leaders to get a better feeling for the business reality. Many thanks to Pierre, Lennart and Jacques for their willingness to reserve so much quality time for the Faros team. This kind of visits can only help us to be better advisors and partners of our business clients.

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All right, off we go!


We have been looking forward to this for a long time and now it is finally happening: Faros is taking off! As from 1 September 2022 we are more than ready to support you in competition law, data protection law and compliance.

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Round Table Conferences regarding the new European rules on distribution and supply relationships


The set-up is crisp and clear: limited groups and focus on the details of the new European regime (Regulation 2022/720). We will go the extra mile in terms of content and practical relevance. Sessions are scheduled for 13/10 (Dutch), 20/10 (English). Each session is eligible for 7 OVB points and 7 IBJ points.

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Emmelie Wijckmans and Frank Wijckmans publish on Verticals and Dominance


Emmelie Wijckmans and Frank Wijckmans published in the International Comparative Legal Guides 2022 their EU competition law contribution on “Vertical Agreements and Dominant Companies”. The interplay between verticals and dominance is fascinating and it is presented in a handy Q&A format.

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Anouk Focquet, Sofie Deprez and Julie Mannekens hand in manuscript on data protection at LeA Publishers


The Data Protection team of Faros finalized and handed in its manuscript of what is expected to become the most practical handbook on Belgian data protection law. Publication is expected for 03/10/2022.

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Karolien Francken and Morgane Smets finalize the script of a novel compliance “on boarding” film


Within short, employees stepping on board or starting up a new project will benefit from a unique way of familiarizing themselves with the compliance requirements imposed by competition law. With the assistance of Comic House and Lectrr the Faros team has developed an animated movie that does the trick.

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Emmelie Wijckmans and Annemie Van de Vliet coordinate commentary on the draft Horizontal Guidelines


Lawyers of the Faros competition team have bundled their comments on the draft Horizontal Guidelines of the European Commission. In doing so, they relied extensively on their experience with the existing 2010 Guidelines.

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Frank Wijckmans submits Expert Report to DG Competition of the EU Commission


As part of the preparation of the new block exemption regulation on vertical agreements, Frank Wijckmans was invited by DG Competition to submit an Expert Report on certain specific issues that were on the table of the drafters. The Expert Report can be consulted on the DG Competition website.

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Maaike Visser joins the Editorial Board of Competitio


Competitio is one of the leading law reviews on competition law in Belgium. Faros partner Maaike Visser was invited to join the Editorial Board of Competitio and plays an active role in the success of the law review.

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