Faros event '1st anniversary of VBER: looking beyond the EU borders'


On 11/05, Faros organised '1st anniversary of VBER: looking beyond the EU borders'. This was an online lunch session celebrating the first anniversary of the EU Vertical Block Exemption Regulation (VBER). We compared the EU regime with those applicable in Switzerland, the UK, Turkey and Serbia. The session uncovered the main similarities and differences.

The event was a great success . Around 100 lawyers and practitioners from various sectors and countries participated. The positive reactions ranged from “very interesting”, “well organised” and “enlightening”. And many more.

It appeared that Serbia has no self-assessment in its national legislation and a notification system is still in place. The rules on RPM are more stringent in Switzerland than in the EU. While the UK has taken the concept of shared exclusivity on board, the number of distributors is not fixed and a form of self-assessment is needed to arrive at the hopefully right number. In Turkey investigations into RPM go often hand in hand with hub-and-spoke investigations injecting therefore both a horizontal and a vertical element into the cases. These are just a handful of examples of points raised during the online event.

The participating speakers contributed to an overview document setting out for each of the main themes the particularities of their regime. This document will be shared on request.

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