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Don't understand a thing about lawyer jargon either?

This law firm explains difficult words simply through puppetry.

Faros puppets

What is an economic cartel? And what is leniency? For many companies it is not always easy to understand legal jargon. That is why law firm Faros from Diegem has engaged a puppet show to explain difficult lawyer words simply. "Because we don't think about the fact that many people don't understand us," says Frank Wijckmans of Faros.

A year ago, law firm Faros in Diegem's Grensstraat saw the light of day. The focus at Faros is on three matters: everything to do with competition law, data protection law and compliance. The law firm's clientele ranges from small businesses to large multinationals. "But we find that people are not always on board with our jargon," says Frank Wijckmans, partner at Faros. "Rightly so too, because we very often use difficult words. Something we don't always think about and which doesn't always make it easy for entrepreneurs and their employees. We often don't realise that most people doesn't understand us (laughs)."

And the law firm has now found the solution to that. In the course of October, videos will be launched in which a series of lawyer vocabulary terms will be explained in a simple manner via a puppet show. "From our childhood, we remember always being fascinated listening to such a puppet show and we now want to do the same for our (potential) clients", explains Frank Wijckmans. "It will be very approachable but fun at the same time. We will engage our puppets chef and 'captain' for this purpose."

The first videos will appear on the law firm's website in the course of October, as well as on LinkedIn and on YouTube. "We offer the videos for free, because they are really meant for everyone: from entrepreneurs to individuals," says Wijckmans. "We realise that we are pioneers with this. No law firm has done this yet. We wrote the script ourselves and had the puppets made especially for this project. Afterwards, we collaborated with production company Arendsoog. They made the videos."

For now, six videos with the topics like economic cartels, leniency and data breaches have been recorded. "Three are on competition law and three on data protection law. We will make another batch of videos in the coming months. Our intention is to go off all the difficult terms of our jargon. That way, we hope to make it all a bit easier for people," concludes the Faros partner.

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