Faros co-organised 12th Competitio Annual Conference


Faros partner Maaike Visser co-organised the annual conference of the renowned Belgian journal 'Competitio' and also acted as opening speaker. Several team members joined the conference.

The Competitio annual conference is a ‘must go’ to catch up on important developments and traditionally discusses carefully selected competition law topics.

During this year’s 12th edition, Maaike opened the session with some reflections, including on advocacy and the duration of procedures before the BCA. Next, an overview was provided of developments in Belgian competition law in 2023.

A first expert panel discussed FDI screening in Belgium. It became clear that this is a complex area, raising many questions including as to the scope of application. A second expert panel vividly discussed the topic of non-notifiable concentrations and abuse of dominance. There was a clear message from one of the experts that undertakings should take care of considering the underlying rationale of a contemplated transaction.

Finally, a keynote was provided by a European Commission official building upon many years of expertise in several aspects of competition law. A report of the conference will be published in Competitio.

Keep an eye on next year’s edition.

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