Block exemption

Our captain is excited. He is about to enter into a contract with one of his clients guaranteeing briliant freight levels. But before signing the client asks whether the contract is in line with … the block exemption.


We believe that there should be no limit on the attempts to make competition and data protection law accessible. Herewith you will find our first puppet video, in which we take a deeper look at cartels.

Dawn Raids

Our captain was ready to leave the port, when he was confronted with unexpected guests: a dawn raid by the competition authority! What does this mean? Will he have to let them in? If so, what can, and should he do?

Gun Jumping

Our captain has taken “Gun Jumping’ clearly a bit too literally. But what is it then?


Now that our captain knows to avoid icebergs, he continues his journey in the second episode of our Faros Glossary. What will he encounter next?

Merger Filing

Why is our captain in disguise, and did he consider the need for a merger filing?

Private Damages

Our captain completes the sequel (cartels – leniency- settlement) with the receipt of a claim letter of one of his customers. Indeed, he is facing a private damages claim …


Our captain got involved in a cartel, what should he do next? Join him on his journey through these challenging waters of a settlement process.