GDPR unveiled

In this first video you will get a taste of how we will unravel the secrets of data protection law. Of course, we start at the beginning: ‘GDPR unveiled’.

Personal Data

Now that our chef has gotten a first flavour of GDPR, she continues to explore the world of GDPR in the second episode of our Faros Glossary. What will she encounter next?

Data Processing

While processing ingredients in her kitchen, our chef is pondering over the frequent mentions of "processing" by the Faros data protection specialists. That must be something different, right? Discover along with her in our new glossary video.

Controller Processor

Our chef is asked by one of her suppliers to sign a data processing agreement. Her restaurant is named as the data controller. What is that all about?


Our chef clearly gives her consent, but is that enough? She discovers more about asking consent and other legal grounds for processing personal data under the GDPR. So what it is that she should keep in mind when it comes to ‘consent’?